J. Phys. II France
Volume 5, Numéro 8, August 1995
Page(s) 1155 - 1163
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  14. The single layer form factor considered was the Fourier transform of a simple square density wave with the membrane thickness $\delta$ fixed at the expected value $\delta = \psi_{m}d$ (where $\psi_{m}$ is the known volume fraction of the membrane). We note that the form factor (which has a first minimum near $2\pi/\delta$) is a smooth decreasing function in the small-angle regime where the structure factor is analysed
  15. The height-height correlation function for the discrete harmonic model used in the numerical work was (see Ref. [17]): $G_{o}(\textrm{r}) = \eta_{1}d^{2}/(2\pi^{2})\int^{\infty}_{0}\textrm{d}x/(x(1 +...
... \{1 - J_{0}((2x)^{1/2}\vert\textrm{r}\vert/\xi)[(1 + x^{2})^{1/2} - x]^{2/3}\}$.
  16. This follows from the definition of $\xi$ and the prediction of the Helfrich theory (Ref. [ 131) that the interlayer compressibility $B = 1.39(\kappa_{\textrm{B}}T)^{2}d/[\kappa(d - \delta)^{4}]$
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