J. Phys. II France
Volume 5, Numéro 12, December 1995
Page(s) 1819 - 1833
DOI: 10.1051/jp2:1995106
J. Phys. II France 5 (1995) 1819-1833

Numerical Resolution of the Cholesteric Unwinding Transition Problem

L. Gil

I.N.L.N. U.M.R. C.N.R.S. 129, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, 1361 Route des Lucioles, F-06560 Valbonne, France

(Received 23 March 1995, revised 27 July 1995, accepted 14 September 1995)

Some equilibrium configurations of the cholesteric unwinding transition problem are numerically computed using the Landau-de Gennes expression of the liquid crystal free energy density. The classical TIC and modulated TIC configurations are numerically obtained and the cholesteric finger structure is found to be in good agreement with the previous theoretical guesses. Moreover, we report the existence of new solutions, specifically associated with the local $\bf n\rightarrow -n$ symmetry, and which seem to be experimentally observed.

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